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Oct 11 2017

Watertown NY Breaking News #fuller #insurance #carthage #ny


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18 Recently Fined in
NNY Over DEC Violations
(, First Published, Feb. 23, 10 a.m.)

Jefferson County Court
Calendar for Feb. 26

Jefferson County
Planning Board Agenda
(, First Published, Feb. 23, 11 a.m.)

Town of LeRay. a 34,300 square foot shopping center is proposed across from Super Wal-Mart

Town of LeRay. 121 self-storage units and a truck rental business proposed at the intersection of NYS Route 283 and 342.

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Oscar Buzz Offers Plots

Snatched Boy Freed
Himself, Sheriff Says


Grandma Not Guilty in
Tot's Slaying

(Denver Post) Amid the family's fury, a judge says that Carol Pappas was insane when she attacked her granddaughter with a knife.
RMN: Grandma Sentenced to Mental Hospital
USAToday: Dad Subdued at Trial

Student Attacks Teacher
Over Confiscated iPod

(KYW Philadelphia)

пїЅ Airline Loses, Then Finds 2-Legged Dog

Fiasco at Walter Reed
Hospital Leads to
Removals, Gates Says


Dog Fur Being Used to Trim
Coats, Humane Society Sez


Lottery Can Be a Game
of No Chance

(Houston Chronicle)

Christian Right's Dream
Candidate: Jeb Bush


Man Stopped for Driving
with Mannequin.

NASA Has Plans for
Psychotic Astronauts

The Most Honest Man in
News: Keith Olbermann

(Rolling Stone) He's mad as hell -- and unlike Rush Limbaugh, he's not faking it

Information Wants to be Free
With the Internet era, the old media
can no longer control the information.

Watertown City Council
Minutes for Feb. 20

$180,000 Walkway
for Kayakers?

31 Divorces Recorded
in Jefferson County in Jan.
(, First Published 4:45PM, Feb. 8)

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25 Latest Births at
Samaritan Medical Center
(Newzjunky, First published. Feb. 21, 11 a.m.)

Latest Births at
Carthage Area Hospital
(, First published, Feb. 21, 12 p.m.)

2 Latest Births at
Lewis County General.
(, First published, Jan. 24, 4 p.m.)

Thursday, Feb. 15
Hotline: Son Upset About
How Newspaper Added
Info to His Dad's Obituary

(2/15, MP3 File, 1240-WATN, The Hotline)

You Don't Need a License to Witness News
Jeff Jarvis: Anyone
Now Can Do Journalism.

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so many stories? Your tips!

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